Jose L. Nieves
Jose L. Nieves


By Jae Niev

What it took me to show you that I love you
I tried to do everything I could do to show you
It took my energy and power to show you
How much I care for you
How much I love you
If it was up to me I’d give you the whole wide world

All for you
Not even once you told me that you love me
I most be a idiot for thinking that you could ever love me
Every time I told you ‘I love you’

It was like I was talking to a mirror
Looking at a mirror
Even if you told me
That you love me
I knew you didn’t meant it
Something inside me told me not to believe it
Or you

It doesn’t matter what happen between us I’m going to stand tall
I got two words for you


By Jae Niev

From the moment you walked into my life,
I knew everything was going to be alright
Everything felt so right
From the moment I looked into your eyes I knew I had to make you mine,
With the moment

I had to make you mine

I couldn’t waste time,

With your beautiful face and your beautiful smile

You make me feel so right,
Feels so right.

For some reason I was a solo player in a game of two-
Where were you?
I gave you everything with love
Everything you ever wanted was handed to you
All I wanted from you is to love me the same way I love you
All the damage you put me through

I bleed love
I thought this was going to last forever,
By the time you realize I’m the one I won’t be there,
I’m gone,
I’m done.

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